Speakers Impact 2.0

accelerate your impact through next level speaking skills

Make your businessmodel sell like a disney movie

Kick-ass Impactmaker

You have a Story Worth Spreading, don’t you?

At this time in history where it almost seems impossible to find positivity and uplifting news, people NEED to hear impactful messages like yours.

To get inspired ánd to take action!! It is your time RIGHT NOW to share it with the world. The question that remains is…..

How do you CREATE your story in a clear and impactful way without getting overwhelmed?

Well… You found the right place! As a Public Speaking Trainer and TEDx Coach I help people just like you to Craft and Improve their story. Ready to kick-start your journey?

From Trying to TEDx Speaker – Breakdown from Client

Who is Laurie

How Can You start?

Well let’s start off with the fact that you are AWESOME and TALENTED enough to craft your story. I mean, who doesn’t know it better than you?!

Because of that, I want you to know this….

I did it all alone and it took me a LOT of TIME that I want to save you

With coaching experience from 500+ entrepreneurs, professionals and start-ups all over the world, I help you:

> To TAKE ACTION and don’t procrastinate

> To YOUR main message

> To not only make it obtainable, but also SUSTAINABLE

And most importantly, we will have FUN and you will see that your confidence will skyrocket very fast

Create your killer keynote

10X your impact in one month
Success guaranteed

Gain clarity on your message

Deliver with confidence

Communicate effectively

Become A Successful Speaker

Authentically share on every occasion
With full flexibility and confidence

Craft your message for every occasion

Connect with every type of audience

Share with full conviction (without sounding cocky)

Become The Steve Jobs Of Your Niche

You shine on stage
I put in the blood sweat and tear

Your main message created for you

Last minute help to get you ready

Fully prepared with less time

Ready to grow your business?

I know you are! Just don’t try to figure it out on your own.